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Valerio non si interroga tanto sulla natura di questi paradossi, ma lavora sulla distanza tra le loro premesse e conclusioni, e in questo nuovo spazio esercita la sua pittura. Come un mago che usa i suoi poteri per fare cose che chi non li ha non vorrebbe mai fare, in questo spingersi oltre esplicita il suo discorso pittorico. In questo senso, in Trasformazione Permanente di un Mago in Formica troviamo un atteggiamento, un modo di fare e di concepire che si muove sotto la nostra storia recente, che rappresenta una parte del nostro modo di pensare, e che nel farlo inevitabilmente si condanna.

Alcuni esempi: Dove sono le benedette chiavi è una copia delle chiavi del suo studio che ha fatto benedire da un parroco di Venezia. I was in Milan, in Corso Buenos Aires. I was late, I had to go to a birthday party and to get there I had to take the train. So I went to take the metro. Incredible, you say. Yet so. I stopped a lady and told her that I had to take the train, and she told me that I needed to go on foot, the station was really close, I had to go out and turn left.

So I went up again onto the street, turned right and just in front of the stairs ran into Eva Fabbris, who was making a tour of galleries together with Valerio. She introduced us and told me he was a very good painter. With hindsight, I can say that was quite true. He invited me to join them. At that point I had no idea of where I was, so I gladly accepted. Looking back, I have never been so happy to have missed a birthday. We went to see the other galleries. Valerio and I did not exchange a word, but we exchanged numbers.

I found it very suitable to the place, a window of a restaurant transformed into exhibition space. In one corner of the big-. I would like to tell you in more detail about this structure. The canvas was crude, if I remember correctly, cotton, and untreated. Noting my perplexity, he spoke to me about the work and pointed to a spot in the top left between the wooden frame and canvas.

He had also inserted a small sculpture. That same evening we met again for a drink. Walking around Milan we began a conversation that was a little delusional. At that time I was starting to be interested in how works of art manage to give experiences to visitors that come to see them in exhibition spaces. I do not know why, but I began to wonder what animals might think of the matter.

We began to imagine a painting exhibition not for human beings but for birds, and we agreed we should do it. Almost a year later we opened the exhibit in Turin, titled Trasformazione Permanente di un Mago in Formica. A group of birds, the true public for the project, inhabited the exhibition for its entire duration, sleeping in the sculptures, walking on the canvas, and eating seeds from the tables.

This intervention fascinated me: This is where the transformation that is refered to in the title occurs: I was fascinated by the way he questioned the limits a pictorial composition can have, extending beyond its canonical boundaries, putting into question the structure, taking on the risks and responsibilities that this operation entails. Let's analyze why this hypothetical magician decided to do that.

Was it his choice? Tired of the constant upheavals and return of history, did he decide to forego the knowledge of a lifetime to take a point of view far from the hu-. Some examples: Cubo da mostrare alle capre is a red cube to display goats at the zoo rather than feed them; Strozzapreti is an object to throttle prelates; Lettiera-oliera is a cat litter box with oil, vinegar, salt and pepper, all you need to dress the needs of cats. Dove sono le benedette chiavi is a copy of the keys to his studio that he had blessed by a priest in Venice.

He also made a bowl shaped so as to be useable only by small dogs, and a corridor to parade ants. He made a yellow candlestick that is also a juicer, and a stand on which to kiss frogs that turn into princes. Or maybe it was a mistake? Objectively, turning yourself into an ant in a place inhabited by birds is not a great idea. He thought it a bit, then a few minutes later quoted these verses from Dante's Paradiso: These are objects that would help to carry out operations you could never expect to have to make, but suggest the possibility that they could happen.

Valerio does not wonder much about the nature of these paradoxes, but works within the distance between their premises and conclusions, and in this new space conducts his painting. Matteo Mottin. Barilli, G. Bartorelli, G. Cattelan, M. Ben Salah, M. Papini, Palazzo Cavour, Turin ll lavorio dell'anima. Bruciati, D. Capra, F. Mazzonelli, A. Bruciati, Palazzo Forti, Verona Ginaldi, Galleria Metropolitana, Gorizia Posso errare ma non di core. AC, Monfalcone GO. Floriana Giacinti. They live and work between Naples and London Peace is a fire,.

Per riuscire a realizzare il quadro grazie a dei corpi viventi è importante riprodurre il tempo sospeso dell'opera mantenendone l'immobilità. A metà strada fra le arti visive pittura o scultura , e il teatro la rappresentazione è scenica , il tableau vivant è una pratica ibrida che invita l'immaginario dello spettatore a passare dall'immagine concreta, che egli ha sotto gli occhi, all'immagine richiamata alla mente, che serve da punto di riferimento alla messa in scena.

Se la storia di questa pratica non ne fa un genere univoco, si deve, tuttavia, constatare che esso poggia sempre sul tentativo di riprodurre con i tratti della vita reale la vita rappresentata del quadro. I riferimenti stessi non sono mai unici, ma molteplici, provenienti da epoche differenti, territori differenti e media differenti. In generale Presicce coniuga un insieme complesso di fonti, creando lui stesso i nessi fra i simboli relativi a queste narrazioni. Siamo decisamente in uno logia della forma delle tre cupole, la Cupola spazio pittorico e Presicce si afferma più vodella roccia di Gerusalemme, la Grosse Halle lentieri erede della pittura piuttosto che della progettata da Albert Speer sotto il Terzo Reich performance.

Questi è, infatti, sempre accompatori di cattedrali. Vero e proprio tramite, umana metà architettonica. I riferimenti si mi- assicura il collegamento fra il mondo esterno. Come indicato d'altra parte dal titolo, si situa per altro fra due immagini, quella del Quattrocento una miniatura che Presicce ha tenuto segreta, ma che ha descritto oralmente agli studenti e la tela del museo, essa stessa articolata intorno a un avvenimento reale del XX secolo, i funerali a Roma di Togliatti, segretario generale del partito comunista italiano. Presicce coinvolge di conseguenza le immagini in una relazione dinamica, è in questo senso che ne riattiva il contenuto e la forza, tanto che a dispetto dell'immobilità, la composizione non.

Tutto concorre nella performance di Presicce a fare dell'opera uno spazio atemporale. Questi tre elementi si riuniscono nella creazione di una tensione caratteristica di tutte le performance di Presicce. Le forme, spesso geometriche, introducono una tensione visiva che si arricchisce dei materiali diversi dei tessuti e degli oggetti. A questo proposito è bene precisare che Presicce progetta e disegna lui stesso tutti gli elementi di scena e gli accessori, che riserva all'uso di un'unica performance.

Infatti le posture privilegiano il sollevamento di un arto o di un oggetto, questo implica inevitabilmente per chi li mette in atto, un equilibrio da tenere,. Essa viene inquadrata da un'apertura nella quale Presicce stesso agita una bandiera bianca sopra il gruppo ancora nell'oscurità. Se esiste un luogo dove situare le opere di Presicce, è proprio nello spazio che separa l'arte dalla vita, la realtà dal sogno, la materia vivente dal quadro.

The work of Luigi Presicce has less to do with the tradition of performance, as it emerged in the 20th century, than with the much older tableau vivant. By tableau vivant we generally mean a reproduction, using actors, of a work of art or a famous historical or mythological episode. To recreate the painting with living bodies it is important to produce a suspension of time in the work and maintain immobility. Located somewhere between visual arts painting and sculpture and theater stage performance , the tableau vivant is a hybrid practice that invites the viewer's imagination to pass from the concrete image, which they have before their eyes, to the image recalled in the mind, which serves as a point of reference to what is on the stage.

The work of Luigi Presicce differs on this point. His references are never unique, but varied and from different eras, media, and places. In general, Presicce combines a complex set of sources, creating the links between the symbols relative to these narratives. The resulting images are unique constructions based on relations that are created, visually and in. Jacopo Menzani. Thus, in Le tre cupole e la torre delle lingue , starting from the analogy of the shape of three domes: So, King Solomon is presented in a half human, half architectural form.

The references are mixed up to the point of changing the shapes. We are decidedly in a pictorial space and Presicce happily asserts his inheritance from painting rather than performance. But this painting is manifested in the real threedimensional space, which implies an activation of symbols like the stones suspended in Santo Stefano, i coriandoli, le pietre , and a real confrontation of the work with the viewer. Viewers are, in fact, always accompanied individually into the performance, for a minute, before being led back outside. In this way, they are invited to penetrate the space of the work, for an instant, abstracting themselves from the external environment.

This true and present course assures the link between the outside world with its circumstantial reality and the world without time within art. The forms, often geometric, introduce a visual tension that is enriched by the different materials of the fabrics and objects. In this regard, it should be noted that Presicce plans and designs all scene elements and accessories himself, which he restricts to use in a single performance.

Immobility, in short, is never simply indifferent waiting. In fact, the postures favor the lifting of a limb or of an object, which inevitably means for those who enact them, a balance must be held and a force exerted. On the other hand, Presicce has worked on many performances with students from different schools, as part of a workshop called L'Accademia dell'immobilità. One of the works that resulted from this collaboration, Fine eroica di un'immagine del Quattrocento , is particularly illustrative in this regard. In front of the canvas Funerale di Togliatti by Renato Guttuso, displayed at MAMbo in Bologna, and the funeral procession which is depicted, the students formed another procession, this time of living bodies, all involved in the tension that connects them to each other as in a pictorial composition.

The performance not only invites us to compare the living retinue to the painted one, but it provides an extension to the real space in another dimension of time. As indicated by the title, the work combines two images: The heroic quality of the image from the 15th century passes through its revitalization into new bodies. From having. Thus, Presicce involves the images in a dynamic relationship, and it is in this sense that it reactivates the content and its strength, so that in spite its immobility the composition has nothing static about it. The meaning, the stories, the symbols, and the images are compared, merged, and coexist to be manifest in a unique present, a performance in which each spectator intimately assists in carrying a fragment from inside the work out into life.

If there is a place to put the works of Presicce, it is in the space that separates art from life, reality from dreams, and living things from pictures. Carole Halimi. Francesco G. Giovanna Silva. Bussoni, N. Martino, C. De Bellis, Triennale di Milano, Milan. Cirignola, P. Pisapia, Fondazione Biagiotti, Florence Object: Bertolo, Lucie Fontaine, Milan Ritratti di città. Giordano, K. Cherubini, E. Pietroiusti, G. Norese, E. Fantin, L. Negro Kassel Germany Artisti in residenza: Di Pietrantonio, M. Di Pietrantonio, F. Farronato, A. Vettese, Fondazione Arnaldo Pomodoro, Milan.

Bruni, C. Corbetta, M. Grulli, F. Pagliuca, M. Fiz, W. Bruciati, M. Antolini, I. Quaroni, A. Trabucco, A. Barilli, Chiostro di Santa Cristina, Bologna [it. Paderni, I. Bruciati, A. Marino, Calia Italia, Matera Vernice. Bonami, S. Levine, M. Marziani, Buia Gallery, New York. Il protagonista e autore del documentario sperimentale, imitando il monotono linguaggio mediatico, legge una notizia discordante: Then you'll close them to the memory.

And then you'll close your eyes to the facts. Tanto Godard che Farocki mettono al lavoro il gap prodotto dallo scontro tra due ordini — quello linguistico e quello estetico. Ciascuno diventa il protagonista solitario nella propria battaglia. Ma se il regime attuale esclude qualsiasi negatività a priori, quali strategie risultano ancora possibili? Ne conosce la grammatica, la sintassi e la semantica.

Ne sa dissotterrare gli aspetti morfologici dimenticati. Ne conosce la pragmatica. Ha consolidato la sua prassi dello scavo. Ne elenchiamo alcuni esempi: I telai neri prodotti da Serretta annunciano — Coming soon. Solo dopo aver letto anche la traduzione in russo, arabo e in altre lingue, il gioco si svela. Forse questa volta non si tratterà di un ennesimo thriller divertente. Quel che annunciano queste bandiere, il simbolo dello jihadismo contemporaneo, è che il peggio deve ancora venire — A Venir!

Conosciamo quel paesaggio deserto. Due quadrati monocromi, uno nero. Seducono formalmente, ma esigono attenzione. Imprimono una after-image, da portare via. Rianimano gli spettri perturbanti della contemporaneità, senza dover ricorrere ai facili populismi. Le immagini vengono riportate ad un grado zero e nello loro scheletro scoperto, nella loro rovina, diventa leggibile un piano ed un intento originario. Ci ricordano del centro penitenziario di Guantanamo, ma anche più recenti decapitazioni spettacolari degli occidentali, dove questa iconologia cromatica viene capovolta. Il cambio di ruoli rimane rinchiuso nel quadro come una potenzialità inquietante. Il tavolo stile Rodchenko, esposto sotto le foto, segue la stessa logica cromatica.

La misura del tavolo diventa qui una distanza, ma anche una prossimità possibile tra le due parti, le due alterità. Invitano ad un confronto, ad un dialogo, ad un gioco sportivo che ha delle regole prestabilite As soon as Possible. Lavori precedenti invece estraggono dalla cultura popolare come il cinema Hollywoodiano, truismi quasi profetici: Accanto ad una delle sue sculture recenti — i due martelli da demolizione in gesso bianco, leggiamo: Non ne ha il tempo.

Serretta da buon archeologo del contemporaneo riesce a collocare le rovine del futuro negli. Ecco che il lavoro di Serretta ci fa da buona guida lungo il tratto di questa gita. Everyone becomes the lone protagonist in the battle for survival under the positivist slogan — You can do it — where you no longer know the meaning of not doing. These also have disturbing signs, but using different methods.

They borrow from the media, from advertising, and from art for their formal and neutral appearance. The works seduce formally, but demand attention. They create an after-image, to take away. They reanimate the ghosts disturbing contemporary art, without having to resort to easy populism. The images are shown in their simplest and most skeletal state and, and in their ruins a level of original intention becomes legible. He knows grammar, syntax, and semantics. He knows how to unearth the forgotten morphological aspects. He knows how to be pragma-. The protagonist and author of an experimental documentary, imitating the monotonous tone of media language, reads a discordant piece of news: You'll close your eyes to the pictures.

Both Godard and Farocki insert in their work the gap produced by the collision of two orders — the linguistic and the aesthetic. The underlying logic is inverted, as well as the alleged neutrality of media messages. In a disciplinary society, these images served as apt examples of a negative dialectic capable of making visible the elusive strands in the fabric of power, which spread widely through its institutions and imperatives. But if the actual regime rules out any negativity from the outset, what strategies are still possible? He has consolidated his excavation practices. He knows the rhetorical power of the media and the historian, and by cannibalizing knows an image or artifact can still be full of meaning.

He uses as a starting point the vast repertoire of the collective unconscious, today so saturated with assaults, trauma, and shock, that it has become repressed almost in real time. We list a few examples: With a razor, he carefully deleted the Buddha statues, making this historical lapse almost physical and newly visible. The black frames produced by Serretta announce — Coming soon. The language of cinematic trailers is clearly noted here. Only after having read a translation in Russian, Arabic, and other languages, does the game unfold. In the series, Landscape — the labyrinth of references reaches its maximum effectiveness.

We all know that desert landscape. It is tied to all the iconography of the exotic Western — but more recently it has become a representation of the other, of the unknown, and of lurking danger. Two square monochromes, one black and one orange, harmoniously occupy the central part of the landscape. They remind us of the Guantanamo detention center, but also the spectacular recent beheadings of Westerners, where this color iconology is overturned. The formal equilibrium of the composition becomes a sort of perpetual motor. The change of roles remains locked up in the work as an ominous potential. The Rodchenko style table, shown under the photos, follows the same chromatic logic.

The measure of the table becomes here a distance, but also a possible proximity between the two parts, the two others. They invite a comparison, a dialogue, a sportive game that has its own rulebook As Soon as Possible. Previous work extracted elements from popular culture, such as Hollywood cinema, with truisms that seem almost prophetic: A mandala made of the most devalued of the world's banknotes, following a purely chromatic logic or works that magnify the power of symbols like the signatures on banknotes , empty the meaning of the concept of value tied to money.

The silhouettes of the most powerful and high buildings in the world are modeled using only the parts of language. Drawings that come to life through an obsessive repetition of the magic economic 'formula' of neo-liberal — Too Big to Fail, or the decomposition and reconstruction of the pages of Il Sole 24 Ore and other related magazines on economics, are only a small part of the artistic arsenal used by Serretta in recent years. Next to one of his recent sculptures — the two demolition hammers in white plaster, we read: It does not have time.

But the weapons with. This is a method by which we can already recognize evidence in full sail in the skyscrapers of the superstars in Dubai, the wreckage of neoliberal capitalism. Here is where the work of Serretta can serve as a good guide along this stretch of the trip. Andris Brinkmanis. Manzotti, G. Scotini, Galleria Biagiotti, Florence. Ho dato un morso a una porzione di Salmon Katsu e l'eccesso di grasso del salmone fritto mi ha ricordato la sensazione che ho sempre associato alla burrobirra. Possiamo provarla un giorno, si scalda la soda con tantissimo zucchero e poi a parte si aggiunge una mistura di burro fuso con gelato alla vaniglia, e della panna montata come copertura.

Ricostruire le rovine, magari con uno stencil usa-e-getta, per un'immagine espressa di degrado e rigoglio. Le persone hanno bisogno di riprodurre quell'immagine, probabilmente le rassicura. Lo stencil è accessibile a chiunque, usato nelle case a garanzia del margine di errore; la sua fogliolina sottoposta al canone libero.

Le cose non sono mai identiche per più di una volta, come una cascata, come il tempo. I topi sono gli unici abitanti del terzo piano ad essere bianchi; gli altri elementi sono ingrigiti come certi intonaci carichi di polveri sottili. In qualche modo sono già usurati, e continueranno ad esserlo. Ancora, sono stati i batteri ad aver cagliato la scena: Due zampe di rana sono emerse dalla spuma insieme a due alghe, le estremità delle prime hanno iniziato ad intrecciarsi. Sono immobili perché è stata accesa la luce.

Rimane tuttavia ancora da capire se il desiderio che spinge visceralmente verso queste ambigue esche di esperienze Plot n. Francesco Nazardo. I was given a bite of Salmon Katsu and the excessive fat from the fried salmon reminded me of the sensation I have always associated with butterbeer. The stencil is accessible to anyone, to use as they like with no fear of error; sheets of paper underneath for free. Things are never the same more than once, like a waterfall, or like time. And in fact, it is said the out of control state so hoped for in psychedelia is for the collective unconscious like an outpost of the globalized market, where they use a single digital currency.

We can try it one day. You heat soda with a lot of sugar and then in one part you add a mixture of melted butter with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream on top. I am very okay with the fresh whipped cream. But I would have at least reconstructed some of the ruins of the castle, and grown a little vegetation in the forest. I would have used it, then destroyed it. The black spots that the pair of glasses seems to project suggests an illusory perspective, denied by the omniscient eye watching the water within them: Rebuild the ruins, perhaps with a throw-away stencil, for an image that expresses decay and luxuriance.

Also, they do core sampling of experiences to extract the different plans, from above: Somehow, they're already worn out, and continue to be. But it remains to be seen whether the desire that viscerally drives us toward these ambiguous lures of experience Plot no. Still, it was the bacteria that curdled the scene: There were no handholds for the look that always ends up outside the initial trajectory. They freeze because the lights were turned on. To extract the accidental production of ecstasy and overcome it, you improvise the distance through a process of decomposition.

The bandage denies the object its functionality and protects it, reabsorbing it in the sphere of dreams, where the participation of the Other is planned, simultaneously active and passive. Tuttavia, in questa sua pratica egli rimane sempre fedele ad un principio: Conseguentemente, volendo analizzarlo non va considerato in quanto tale ma. S and A. Albanian Souvenir, Consequently, it is best not to try to analyze it just by itself, but in relation to the multitude of interpretations to which it lends itself and that conventionally accompany it.

Thus, from a subjective manifestation of the unconscious, the dream is translated into a social prototype through which we can examine the surrounding reality at the universal level, which fundamentally is the real objective of the artist. At thirteen he began to frequent the studio of a sculptor who introduced him to classical design as an introduction to proper training at the Academy, which was later completed with numerous stays abroad, especially in Italy where he exhibited, among other places, in at the Venice Biennale. Dreams, caught in all their visual and semantic variations, are one of his primary subjects of investigation.

However, in. This is the narrative of the individual, in which the artist makes himself a pretext to address, at the same time, another central theme in his research: What affects its construction? By referencing the present as well as the past, Driant Zeneli questions the rules, and the racial and political stereotypes that construct boundaries, as well as the illusions, the hopes, the disappointments — namely the dreams — that govern their development. Pier Paolo Pancotto Frangi, G. Conta, J. Trolp, F. Capra, Studio Tommaseo, Trieste This will be my space!

Referza, White Project Gallery, Pescara. Boutruche, F. Napoli, A. Gjergji, V. Capra, Studio Tommaseo, Trieste No country for old men? Bahtsetzis, O. Britto Jinorio, M. Paci, T. Caldura, Padiglione Albania, Valentini, E. Bruciati, Prague Biennale 5, Prague [it. Fleming, E. Casagrande, B. Ciaccia, K. Shehu, S. Lenhard, F. Capra, Superstudio Più, Milan Who want to use my windows? Fochessati, R. Shima, S. Benemia, Spazio Mirionima, Macerata. Myrtezai, Tirana You know the land where the paradoxes blossom?

Maiorano, C. Reggio, Microgalleria, Aquila. Hatibi, R. Hamza, A. Elisa Genovesi. Il grido di Godzilla è stato creato per la prima volta nel Vorrei che il suono esaltasse in qualche modo la presenza dei mobili e il modo in cui sono stati disposti nello spazio. The cry of Godzilla was created for the first time in Since that time, many sound designers and engineers have tried to find the best way to create the howl of the beast but have never been able to develop a precise technique. I would like the sound to in some way complement the presence of the furniture and how it is arranged in the space.

Depending on their measurements, the books will be displayed in various ways in the showroom, adapted to the spaces and the arrangement of furniture, and placed so they can be changed during the exhibition. The change in position of the books in turn leads to a visual alteration of the space in which new formal and chromatic relationships are constantly created, enabling a continuous exchange between our installation and the showroom elements. Nel titolo The Txakurra Codex, il termine codex richiama gli antichi codici manoscritti, composti da più carte riunite a libro, mentre Txakurra si riferisce alla divinità dalle sembianze di cane che occupa una figura centrale nel nostro immaginario visivo.

The context in which the work is found will contribute to the semantic short circuit, placing the viewer in a state of alert, in which reality and fiction, joke and functionality, collapse. That all important things take time is paradoxical, in that it is denied and confirmed at the same time. There is a constant tension between work and nonwork. Consiste di una scritta su muro che recita la seguente frase: Tutte le cose importanti hanno bisogno di tempo è paradossale in quanto si nega e si afferma allo stesso tempo. Una tensione costante tra opera e non opera Tutte le cose importanti hanno bisogno di tempo is a work about anticipation, ambiguity, and imagination, and it uses rhetorical processes typical of conceptual art: It is also a reflection on the relationship between the artist and the craftsman, and the meaning of a work of art.

It consists of an inscription on the wall that contains the following sentence: L'installazione, prodotta con terra e materiali idonei, oltre che con materiali più pregiati resine da prototipazione, pietra grigia e corian è uno studio modulare per questo rifugio 'panacustico'. L'installazione, o serie di moduli, viene attrezzata e messa in rete diventando hot-spot per la trasmissione di contenuti audio e al contempo accogliendo i visitatori per l'ascolto dei contenuti stessi. The installation, produced with the earth and other suitable materials, as well as with more precious substances prototyping resins, gray stone, and Corian is a modular studio for this 'panacoustic' shelter.

The main module, which is of the biggest size, is sectioned in correspondence with the display window on the street and is formed like a comma. The installation, or series of modules, are equipped with an internet signal and become hot spots for transmission of audio content, while at the same time welcoming visitors to listen to their own content. La mia ipotesi di allestimento prende spunto da questi assunti: Il contenuto dei video afferirà ai codici del cinema sperimentale strutturale Hollis Frampton, Stan Brakhage The project title refers to Della seduzione by Jean Baudrillard, which examines various forms of seduction.

My proposed construction is inspired by these components: The video content will affirm the language of experimental structural films Hollis Frampton, Stan Brakhage The materials used by the company will be reinterpreted based on only aesthetic values: The materials and the forms will be filmed and will constitute the weft and warp of an anti-narrative film, a chromatic and luminous score in motion. The work will take advantage of the company's know-how and will be made by the artists in collaboration with the company; if necessary craft and hand work will be implemented, also Northern Italian techniques, and changes will be made in color and layout to explore constructive possibilities.

Negli ultimi anni ho lavorato a lungo a Istanbul, a Seoul e a New York. Ma solo dopo aver visto Zaatari ho compreso qual è il futuro della città. Dopo Daab Kenia , Zaatari è il più grande campo profughi al mondo. Propongo la produzione di una serie di tappeti di calcestruzzo: Il materiale, condotto in laboratorio, è miscelato con acqua e malta e colato in una cassaforma. Il risultato è una lastra di calcestruzzo. La serie potrebbe proseguire con: Once brought to the studio, they are mixed with water and cement to be poured. The result is a 'concrete sheet'. The series might going on with: Absolute Black granite from Zimbawe; Turkish alabaster; Manhattan schist, the metamorphic rock that is under the Manhattan skyscrapers.

Design and the arts, have always have to do with housing and the city. I deeply studied logics and contradictions of their recent urban transformation, the right to the city. But, only through Zaatari, I saw what is the future of the city. After Daab Kenya , Zaatari is the largest refugee camp in the world. Could Moroso work together with designers, artists, architects, artisans who live in the camp? For Moroso Concept , I pro. Essendo un pittore, molto spesso mi sono ritrovato nella condizione di trasportare dipinti a mano.

Si rischia di andare contro a qualche muro o di investire qualcuno, si ha la visuale dimezzata Ecco la mia soluzione: Le tele volanti verranno rese rigide impiegando diversi materiali. Si potrebbero anche adattare ai mobili Moroso, in base ad una ricerca sulle sfumature dei loro toni di colore e cercando di seguirne le silhouette. You are likely to bump against some wall or encounter someone; the visual is diminished Here is my solution: I decided to design the paintings as if inspired by hang gliders, so when the strong wind arrives I will follow it and take a flight from Venice to New York. The flying canvases will be made rigid by employing different materials.

They could also be adapted to the Moroso furniture, basing the research on the nuances of their color tones and trying to follow their silhouettes. Everything has a beginning in the plant that grows from the mouth of the dead Adam; from the tomb of the first sinner in history in fact, was the tree grown that was intended to be the instrument of the future redemption of all Christians. Lettere come superfici, sedute e supporti che raccontano non linearmente una storia fatta di scambi, assimilazioni e riletture. Forme concepite per adattarsi allo spazio come dimensione e disposizione, sempre aperte al cambiamento, frammenti di un percorso comune.

Tupi — the name of one of the indigenous tribes of Brazil that first contacted the colonizers — is paraphrased into the famous words of Hamlet, encapsulating the issue of cultural politics and national and transnational artistic identity. In thinking today of identity and hybridization as a dual structure of thought, of cultural stratification and syncretism as possibilities of interpretation that adds more than change, this motto becomes a concrete form in space.

Letters like surfaces, settings and supports that tell a nonlinear story of exchanges, assimilation, and re-readings. Forms are designed to fit the space in their size and arrangement, always open to change, they are fragments of a common path. The one where he sits and then you try it with the others My project arose from a curiosity to transform the heterotopic space of the showroom into one hypothetically living, but on two overlapping timelines that are very different: Il mio progetto nasce quindi dalla curiosità di trasformare lo spazio eterotopico dello showroom in uno ipoteticamente vissuto, ma sue due linee temporali sovrapposte molto diverse tra loro: MarubiMuseum in Shkodra, Albania, two women are posing, dressed in folklore costumes, laying down on a traditional carpet.

Passiamo ora ad analizzare le mosse abilità presenti su PES Per eseguire la Finta Rabona è necessario selezionare un calciatore con l'abilità "Rabona". Con il giocatore in movimento, premete il pulsante di tiro, seguito subito dopo dal tasto dedicato ai passaggi. Ovviamente, potrete controllare i movimenti del vostro giocatore con la levetta analogica sinistra. Mentre il calciatore è in movimento, ruotate completamente la levetta analogica destra ed indirizzate la levetta analogica sinistra verso il lato in cui desiderate proseguire. Tuffo Questa è senza ombra di dubbio una tra le azioni più controverse da eseguire. Simulare un fallo è sempre rischioso ma, al contempo, in grado di garantire numerosi vantaggi per la propria squadra e sanzioni rivolte agli avversari.

Per mettere in atto la finta, dovrete premere simultaneamente tali combinazioni mentre il vostro giocatore è in movimento: Per eseguire la Bicicletta, non dovrete far altro che premere per due volte la levetta analogica destra mentre il vostro giocatore è in movimento. Sombrero Il Sombrero è senza ombra di dubbio una tra i dribbling più spettacolari da mettere in atto e consente di superare facilmente gli avversari.

Bergkamp Flick Dennis Bergkamp è stato un pioniere del calcio moderno, dotato di eccezionali qualità tecniche e visione di gioco, tanto da aver inventato nuovi dribbling e finte memorabili.

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