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Giochi bejeweled nuovi

Toccare per spin e abbinare i gioielli. Partita timer gioiello bombe prima Abbinare tre o più pezzi identici e rompere tutte le piastrelle d'oro. Fitz 2 Fitz 2 Giocare 2 Fitz e godere di questo 3 in una partita di fila. Spostare e combinare le icone in questo gioco online. Figure di swap per creare combinazio Jewel Jewels Jewel Jewels Gioielli gioiello è necessario combinare gioielli dello stesso colore. Fare coppie di 3 o più dei diamanti stessi. Il vostro obiettivo è quello di rim Farm Fever Farm Fever 6. Fishdom Splash Fishdom Splash Crea il tuo acquario da sogno per i tuoi amici pesci! Jewel Mine Jewel Mine Giocare via tutti i gioielli di fare combinazioni di tre o più.

I gioielli più si cancella dall'elenco a sinistra della grig Jewel Burst Jewel Burst Rendere i posti di scambio gioielli per creare combinazioni di match 3. Match 4 c Fruit Rush Fruit Rush Ricreare i modelli indicati nella parte superiore tracciando una linea tra i diversi pezzi di frutta. Invece di matching frutta identici, devi abbinar Diamond Dazzle Diamond Dazzle Aiutiamo questo uccello intelligente per raccogliere tutti i gioielli sulla piattaforma. È necessario rimuovere le gemme facendo clic su gruppi di 3 o Needlesack Survival Needlesack Survival Lotta contro il malvagio Needlesack e i suoi amici cattivi in questo gioco bejeweled turnbased strategica. Preparatevi a prendere contro mostri folli Tasty Tale Tasty Tale Scambia di posto gli ingredienti e fai delle combinazioni tipo 3 in fila in: Tasty Tale!

È necessario collegare le gelatine! Ci sono gelatine felice, stupiti, arrabbiati e malvagi. Collegare le gelatine Bomboozle 3 Bomboozle 3 L'obiettivo di questo gioco bubble gioco è liberare l'isola dall'invasione bolla. Fare clic su un gruppo di 3 o più bolle per distruggerli! Fruity Party Fruity Party Match-3 per raccogliere la frutta per cocktail alla festa. Cercare di allineare tre o più pezzi identici di frutta o di tre o più cubetti di ghiaccio Kitty Town. Ector Harvest. Another Brick in the Wall. Snack Connect. Tiny Garden. Pickies Farm. Robinsons Invent-O-Rama. Fruit Smash. Tibet Quest. Diamond Valley. Diamond Mine. Magic Jewel Online nessuno.

Civi Battle. Farm Challenge. Knight of the day. Octopus Hugs. Frozen Elsa: Age of Japan 2. Jewel City. Pet Pop Party. Age of Japan. Dangerous Adventure. Magilla Gorilla Pet Shop Cleaning. Bejeweled 3. Swap Job. Jewelish Blitz. Slide N Loop. Santa's Quest. The best giochi gratis di bejeweled are waiting for you at Miniplay, so Candy Rain Episode V - The Candy strikes back with gorgeous sweet graphics and several hundreds of brand new challenging levels and missions! In the latest entry of the famous match-three video game series it is still your task to combine at least three of the delicious sweets to make them disappear.

Keep matching until you reach the goal to advance! Make sure to earn three stars for each level to unlock the gates to even more levels. Collect candies, waffles and chests full of coins! Break free candies Sei un appassionato del Candy Crush Saga? Entra nel negozio di caramelle e inizia ad accoppiarle per creare dolci speciali con effetti spettacolari come Super Stripe e Mega-Candy.

Get ready for Jewels Blitz 3, the successor of the addictive puzzle game saga! In hundreds of levels you need to match shiny gems of the same type to make them vanish and cause massive chain reactions! Use cool boosters to get out of tricky situations, and climb your way up the saga map to increasingly difficult levels! Dive deep into the maya temple, and try to solve its secrets and mysteries. A lot has changed since your last visit. To the sweeter, of course! Everything has just become a bit more colorful and enjoyable. At its core Cookie Crush 3 remains the game you know and love.

Again, you have to combine at least three delicious cookies to remove them from the board and to meet the level goals in order to advance on your journey. But there is more! Meet your new host Gingy, the cute gingerbread man. He will be pleased to guide you on your way through more than levels and teach you all Match at least 3 similar gems in order to make them disappear! Are you ready? Put your skills to test in these stages! Hai ancora voglia dei giocare al Candy Crush Saga? Adesso puoi farlo online. Addentrati in questa avventura epica piena di dolci. Collega tre o più caramelle dello stesso colore per poterle eliminare, vinci punti e prova a raggiungere il livello più alto.

Combine three or more conchs, gems and seahells in rows or columns in this aquatic puzzle game. Enjoy this exciting adventure and get the highest score before your time runs out! Match 3 Halloween Story is a game specially made for Halloween, with fantastic graphics and creepy music, you will never get enough of this game! Join the pirate crew on their puzzle-adventure through Treasurelandia! Match 3 jewels or more to create explosive combinations. Watch out for tar, fire cannonballs, and use the skeleton key to unlock diamonds.

Complete each puzzle wisely to discover bonus levels! My Little City is the latest Match-3 challenge for aspiring city planners! The City Council has commissioned your company to prepare countless new building plots for construction. They need you to ensure the construction projects go according to plan! Supply building materials such as stones, windows, water, electricity, and more! Make the city colorful and free from old walls, dry floors, and broken fences. Collect sufficient building materials and tools. In order to complete the tasks on time, you have Match similar fruits in order to make them disappear and increase your score!

Clear every goal in each stage! Welcome to Temple Jewels - the fast paced match-3 challenge! In Temple Jewels levels can consist of triangular, square or hexagonal tiles. A certain amount of this tiles is colored. Combine 3 or more jewels of the same type on any colored tiles until all of tiles got cleared. Make sure to be quick! Candy Rain 4. Enjoy the best candy match and candy crush puzzle! Match three or more candies to have magical combos and to advance in the hundreds of levels! Be careful, It is not that easy to match,collect and crush candies while your moves are limited!

Do not worry, your skills along with sweet and colorful boosters like swap,candy crusher will help you in the way! Get the highest score! Jewels Blitz 2 is the successor to the match-3 throne, that turns shiny gems and highly addictive puzzle game action into a masterpiece! In levels it is your objective to combine at least three precious gems of the same type to make them vanish and score points.

If you match even more jewels you get cool boosters that can clear complete lines, squares or remove all gems of the same color. Watch the pattern and try to get rid of like-colored jellies. Clear the objectives in each level and get a high score! Get ready to play a funny Christmas puzzle game: Show what you are capable of before your time runs out. Have fun! Il classico gioco di raggruppamento di terzetti Jewel Explode è tornato con alcuni miglioramenti e nuovi livelli! Da un'occhiata alle nuove gemme rare e prova alcune combinazioni degli effetti!

Gioca una varietà di livelli basati sulle mosse ed i migliori giocatori aspetta un pacchetto di bonus di livelli! È una sfida senza fine! Manage to make every creature disappear! In this matching game you will need to move rows and columns around in order to make groups of at least 3 similar monsters. Get a high score! Elimina gruppi di tre o più fantasmi cliccando solo una volta. Provate a fare combo per ottenere più punti. Ci sono 50 livelli! Swap adjacent bubbles and jewels to form horizontal or vertical chains of 3 or more of the same colour. If you match 4 or 5 bubbles at once, you get special expoloding bubbles. You can also try to combine these special bubbles for a combined effect.

Achieve the goals to complete all levels! If you manage to complete all of them with a 3 star rating, you get a surprise! Cookie Crush is a highly addictive match3 masterpiece that takes you into a world of challenging puzzles and delicious pastries. You have to combine at least three delicious cookies to make them vanish from the field. If you manage to combine even more cookies at the same time, you will be rewarded with tons of points and of course with cool extras that can for instance wipe a whole line of sweets or make all cookies of a certain color vanish. Match the gems, activate special power-ups and solve puzzles in this great new match-3 game!

Jewel Academy is a gem-filled, action packed game with a ton of levels to complete. If you like Match 3 games, you will love Easter Egg Mania. Match eggs of the same color and score as many points as possible. If you clear all the glass eggs, your timebar will be refilled. Can you enter the top Quante gelatine dello stesso colore puoi far scomparire? Combina almeno 3 figure dello stesso colore per eliminarle dallo schermo. Buon divertimento! Get ready for a magical journey in this awesome match 3 game Witchcraft:

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